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There is a world of salutes out there! Not all military forces adopted the salute seen by the British services. Did you know that in China the People's Liberation Army salute according to Chinese standards, giving a salute which is similar to the British Navy's? Explore some of the more interesting salutes from around the world below and don't forget to share them with your friends.


Albanian Zogist Salute

In a Zogist salute, the right hand is placed over the heart with the palm facing downwards.

German Bundeswehr Soldier Salute

German Bundeswehr soldiers salute with a flat hand that is tilted a little to hide the thumb.

The Polish Army Salute

When soldiers in the Polish Army salute they extend two fingers only.

The Greek Army Salute

Before the salute is given, palms are clenched in fists and eyes are focused on the object of the salute.